2023 AQS Show: Sign Up to Volunteer

AQS Show: Sign Up to Volunteer

Sign ups for volunteer positions are open on Sign Up Genius.  Click on the link above to sign up TODAY

If you volunteer, you will have free admission for the day and free package check for the
day. Then you don’t have to carry around all your purchases, class supplies, heavy purse, etc.
If you choose to volunteer to hang or take down quilts, then you may choose one show day
for free admission/package check.There are multiple positions, including a couple evenings
and Saturday shifts available for those who work during the weekdays. We often have
difficulty filling the Friday and Saturday shifts, so any help you can offer is appreciated.

Jobs include:
Exhibit Hostess – A great way to see the quilts and save your non-working time for the
vendor booths. You get to wander around in the quilt display area to remind people not to
touch the quilts and not to go behind the ropes.
Raffle Ticket Sales – Good for people people and those who need to be able to sit down.
Package Check – I love this one because you get to see all the cool bags people make. You
also can often see what they are buying, and ask them about it. They are usually happy to
share info on it. You must be able to bend and lift heavy things, and to make change.
Volunteer Check-In – Sign people in, give them their wrist bands and directions, and
manage the package check for the daily volunteers.
Charity Booth – A place where people can stop and sew a little if they need a break. They
often introduce interested non-quilters (like their kids or friends) to a part of the process. We
make small quilts for Santa Claus Girls. You can sit for parts of the shift if needed.
Hang Up or Take-Down – People love this because you get to see the quilts up close.
Lectures – You check admission tickets for the audience, then help the teacher however
they need. This could include hanging displays, passing out handouts, holding up quilts,
setting out their vending table, or other tasks. These also fill up fast because you get to sit
through the lecture without paying for it.

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