Neonatal Quilt Update – 300 Quilts Delivered!

Hello fellow West Michigan Quilters Guild members:

I am sending this update to you with a HUGE Woo Hoo!!! We got a request for some neonatal quilts to be delivered to the hospital and were so glad that we were able to deliver 300 quilts on Monday morning, February 7. It feels so good to be able to supply these little ones and their families with some beautifully made quilts that you have been so generous in making.

We still do not have a lot of storage space, and we have enough on hand currently to deliver whenever they request more. However, these will not last forever, so we are requesting that you, once again, start sewing! If you do so, please keep them at your house until we ask you to bring them to a future guild meeting.

Thank you so much for being patient and for your continuing interest in supplying the NICU with quilts for these tiny babies.

The Neonatal Committee
Sue Botma (616-633-6462)
Mary Redick (616-890-7948)
Julie Urbancik (616-560-8764)