Demo Christmas Table Top

Demo Christmas Napkin

Demo Snap Pouch

Demo Reversible Squares

Demo Fabric Bowls

Our November 17 Guild meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.   It will be a ZOOM meeting by invitation to our members.  For those of you who haven’t experienced a  Zoom meeting  here’s how that works.  Your Zoom invitation will arrive in an email.  The email will contain a link to the meeting.  All you have to do is click on it close to the starting time of the meeting.  Be patient for the connection.  Nancy will “open the door” for you.  Welcome to 2020 and the year nothing was quite as we were used to.  But different can still be fun so…………we hope to welcome you .

Here’s what we have planned for the evening:

               A short run down of the web site.   Since we are now putting all our news online we want to just make sure you can find everything that you need.   There is really a lot there with a few clicks of a button.

               Watch five demos with a Christmas flare.    Five different members of the guild will be showing you an idea for the holidays.  There is still time to make one more quilty Christmas decoration.

               1.)  Sew and fold a tree napkin.
2.)  Make an easy table runner.
3.)  Sew together several snap top pouches to use for candy canes or table favors.
4.)  Try a reversible –  quilt as you go – 4 square table mat.  Good for two seasons!
5.)  Whip up a fabric bowl!


Letter from the President

I am a Proud Member of the West Michigan Quilters Guild and have been for the last 28 years!  What does that mean to me?  This means that I believe in our mission.

What is our mission?  Well according to our current By Laws:

“The purpose of this organization shall be to preserve the tradition, culture and history of quilting through education and communication, to promote the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of quilting and to encourage the sharing and appreciation of others’ work.”

How does this happen?  This happens through volunteers that put in a lot of sacrificial volunteer time.  This also means being a member.  We all know that this Covid virus has changed our world, our lives and our guild.  We are not able, at this point, to bring in the traveling speakers that we have become accustomed to but that doesn’t mean we are giving up.  The board is working hard to still bring you interesting and educational programs.  The program committee is wearing their fingers to the bone trying to find teachers that have programs available that are Covid proof.  If you happen to be in contact with any of these gals you might want to drop them a big “Thank You”.   But the lectures and the classes are not all we are supposed to be about.  Read that line from the By Laws again. “… to encourage the sharing and appreciation of others’ work”.

How do we do that during this time?   Your guild board members are looking for ideas and would welcome your input!  We can ALWAYS use your help!  And if you are not currently a member of the guild, please consider signing back up. We have decreased the membership fee to $20 for this year.

We always love it when our members volunteer.  Many on the board right now have been on the board for several year.  There are approximately 15 members that are trying to keep us going through this time.  Any chance you might like to increase this number?  Any chance you might like to bring some new blood, some new ideas, some new excitement to the board?  Just let me know, I would be more than happy to explain what the positions are and how you can help – It all starts with you reaching out.

Keep your eyes on the website – things are changing and more and more information will be found there.

Though it’s not our typical meeting style we are excited about our November 17  ZOOM  meeting.   I truly hope to “see” you all there if possible.  We will be sharing some quilty ideas for the holidays.



LIBRARY NEWS  by Kris Lurtz

In case you have been wondering about library books that have been checked out since January…….There are 113 books checked out by 47 different guild members.    Don’t worry.  there will be no late book fines.  A “covid” fine free year!  There are even a few books still past due from last year.  These fines will also be waived.

If you know you have library books – continue to enjoy them!  You may have time to make another project from one of them.  Please be responsible to care for them until we can physically get together again to collect them.  If you are eager to pass them back contact Kris to work out a plan.    (


Hospice Project – Pillows Plus… Karen Lawrence

Our endeavors with Spectrum Hospice has expanded beyond just pillows.  They currently are very well stocked in pillow covers unless you are doing themed ones such as farming, branches of military service, hunting, sports, or something in a more masculine nature.  Hospice is truly in need of quilts with a matching pillow  ( size – smaller than a twin but larger than a lap ) ,  adult garment protectors (bibs),  adult activity aprons/ activity mats, and catheter covers.  Currently,  since  we are unable to bring things to the church,  you can contact me either by phone  (616 443-7258),  or email  ( and I will gladly pick up your items and bring them to the Hospice office.   They too, are all working from home and only once a month is someone doing a collection in the parking lot of the office building on Fuller Ave.    Everyone stay safe and healthy.  Colder weather is coming and that sometimes brings more time for sewing.   Hospice appreciates every contribution.



2020 has been a challenging year and a learning experience.    We are experiencing teachers that are unable to travel at this time and facilities that are unwilling to allow outside people into their buildings.  We are also trying  to comply with the guidelines set forth for a safe gathering experience for all our members.

You will see on the following page our 2021 Program Schedule as we know it at this time.  There are, and will continue to be, ongoing changes.  Going forward the Program Committee will be using the website and/or Facebook as our means of communicating with our membership.    The November meeting will now become a ZOOM gathering.  All currant active members will get a personal invitation (by email) to join on November 17th.

All that being said, we want you to understand that the 2021 lecture program is subject to change as conditions change.  We are looking at ZOOM lectures and classes.  We have been watching teachers present their programs thru an organization called global connections.  Later this month we will participate in a training seminar to see and hear what it would take to get this up and running for our West Michigan Quilters Guild.  So we encourage you to be patient with us and please stay tuned (thru our website) and stay connected.