This year’s challenge is: Women in Bloom

Entry date: WMQG January 2023 meeting at 6:30pm

At the January Guild meeting we will display the quilts that have been entered. Quilts will
be judged by two qualified board members. Eight quilts with the most votes will be
submitted to AQS. If they are accepted by the AQS Ultimate Guild Challenge as a group,
the quilts will hang in the September 2023 AQS show in Grand Rapids.

The rules are as follows:
Subject matter and focal point:

1.Choose a flower that is also a woman’s name. Your quilt must feature that type of
flower as the focal point. This quilt may be pieced or appliqued using colors of your

2. The quilt can be modern, traditional, or an art quilt. Foundation Paper Piecing, English
Paper Piecing, Pieced or Raw Edge Applique are all acceptable.

3.The quilt must contain a word (letters) stating the name of the flower chosen or a piece
of commercial fabric that exclusively features the flower. You may do both.

Size: 36”Wx36”L.

Finished quilt: Must consist of three layers and be closed along the edges. Irregular borders
must be within the 36”x36” square.

Hanging Sleeve: Must be at the top of the quilt back using the AQS guidelines.

Label: Must be on a bottom corner in the back and include the Guild and challenge names
as well as your name, a brief description, and the date completed.

There are tons of flowers with a lady’s name, so the “field” is wide open! Some suggestions

Lily, Rose, Rose of Sharon, Violet, Lily of the Valley, Mums, Poppy, Petunia, Coral Bells,
Marigold, Hollyhock, Jasmine, Dahlia, Iris, Daisy, Camellia, Hyacinth, Daphne, Ivy, Magnolia
(Patterns are available online for many of these flowers.)

If you need guidance or have any questions, please contact one of the Challenge
committee ladies listed below.

Kris Lurtz – Ph: 616-238-2059 Text/voicemail
Starr Eby – Ph: 616-780-1669 Text/voicemail
Dorinda Wiersma – doriwiersma@comcast.netPh: 616-610-3452 Text/voicemail